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restoration of prints:

Maybe you have some old faded prints of someone special? Or perhaps you have come across some photographs which have been damaged in some way - ripped or creased or stained? We may be able to help...

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Graphical software has advanced in leaps and bounds and it's now possible to repair much of the damage done to your valuable prints and to restore them to their former glory. The process involves scanning the print and then using a range of software tools to remove scratches and creases, and sometimes repairing more serious damage such as rips and stains. Faded photographs can be brought back to life and colours and tones enhanced. The finished image is saved in digital format and you can opt to take new prints as and when necessary.

You'll appreciate that the major cost in doing this is in the amount of damage and the time taken to alleviate it. Simple scratch removal doesn't take too long but repairing serious damage can be time-consuming. The example below shows a badly damaged print...


the print...  






final version...  


(NB: If you think that you know the identity of any of the four people in the photo, we'd be delighted to hear from you...)

Because of the unknown nature of the damage, it's not possible for us to give accurate estimates of the cost of the work without seeing the state of the print. As a general guide, minor damage - removing scratches, small blemishes and adjusting colour tones - might be in the range £5 - £20. More serious damage may cost more than this and obviously we'd need to assess individual requirements.

If you have the facility to make a good quality scan of the print then you could send that to us and we'll give you an estimate of the cost before starting work. Alternatively, you could post the print to us and we'll take a look at it before sending you a quote. (Please read our suggestions for using the postal service before sending anything to us.)

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