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scanning prints:

Perhaps you've got family albums or boxes of prints but don't have the negatives? No matter, we can still convert the photographs into digital format for you...

We can scan prints up to A4 size at a variety of resolutions depending on your requirements. If you think that might want to print copies of the images, for example, then you may a higher resolution than if you were just wanting to view them on a monitor; particularly if the original images are smaller than the prints that you want to make.

Once your prints have been scanned we'll put them onto a CD or DVD. We'll normally save the images in JPG format - set for highest quality, minimal compression - but can save them in any other common file format if you prefer; just let us know. (For a discussion of file formats and other technical issues you can read more here...) We can also supply a contact sheet, or sheets, showing thumbnails and file names to help you to locate specific images. If you'd like printed copies then we can do these for you in a variety of sizes: 6"x4", 7"x5", A5 and A4

So if you have prints which are in good condition why not consider preserving them for the future before they start to degrade? Your memories are precious and family albums and pictures of important people, places and events can't be replaced or re-created. Even if your prints are damaged, we can help to restore the original image - please read this section for more details.

Details of costs and other options are on the pricing page

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