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We offer three scanning levels and before placing an order with us you really need to consider whether or not you might want to take prints of your pictures and, if so, what size you'd like to print them. For 35mm slides/negatives we generally scan at 2000dpi which is perfectly adequate for most purposes and will be fine if you want prints of up to, say, 7 by 5 inches.

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If you might want to crop some or all of your images, or make larger prints, then it may be better to have us scan them at the higher resolution of 3000dpi. We can, if you wish, have them scanned at 4000dpi but the extra processing time does attract a higher cost. We would suggest that to get maximum benefit from scanning at this resolution, your negatives/slides do need to be in good condition.

We'd also add that if you're sending small negatives, such as APS or some of the 'Instamatic' range, then you really need to have them scanned at a high resolution to extract the maximum amount of information from what is a just small area.

If you're sending prints to be scanned then we normally do this at 300dpi which is fine if you might take prints which are about the same size as the original. If you might want to take larger prints, or crop the images, then we can scan at 600dpi but please note that, while you'll get a good quality print, it may start to look a little 'grainy' if your print is significantly larger that the original. Much depends on the quality of the original print, but please contact us for advice if necessary.

If you would like us to print copies for you then section 3 below shows the prices for various sizes of print. Again, we only use top quality branded photographic paper.

It is not possible to give precise costings for photo restoration work. Please read the restoration section and contact us for further details if necessary.

The tables below show the cost per scan - per frame, in the case of film strips - depending on the scanning resolution. To get a quote for your particular requirements then hit the Get Quote button at the bottom of the page and enter them on the form. Please note that these prices are as low as we can make them without sacrificing quality; something we're not prepared to do.

There is an option to have us print a contact sheet, or sheets, which have 35 thumbnails per sheet and also show the image filenames - useful for locating specific images. Contact sheets are £2.50 each. There is also an option to have us create a slide show on DVD for you so that the images can also be viewed on an ordinary TV screen using most modern DVD players. You can specify a main title and also how you'd like the slideshow to be organised. The cost of this optional DVD compilation is £15

Please note that costs of media - CDs and/or DVDs - and also postage will need to be estimated and added and there will, of course, be your own postage costs to consider.


1. if you have strips of negatives - typically in fours or sixes - then you might not want all of the frames scanned in any particular strip. That's not a problem and you can use the numbers along the edge of the strip to specify exactly which frames you want us to scan. There's space in the final order form to tell us about any particular requirements that you may have.

2. if you have rolls of film - typically 24 or 36 frames - then we would need to cut it/them into strips of four (or six, if you prefer) frames before scanning. The strips would then be returned to you in protective sleeves. We may also need to apply an extra charge for the additional work involved - please contact us for details.

3. if you have 120 format negatives then you'll be aware that they have a much larger area than, say, 35mm film (more than three times) and so scanning at 2000dpi, or 3000dpi at most, should give perfectly good results.

4. please note that we have to charge a supplement for processing APS 'Avantix' film and Kodak 'daisywheel' disks - please contact us for details.

5. if you have transparencies which have gathered significant surface deposits over the years and which you think would benefit from cleaning - washing and soaking - before being scanned, then we can do this for you. Please note that this should only be necessary in exceptional circumstances. If the slides needing to be cleaned are in cardboard mounts then we would need to re-mount them. Please contact us for advice and pricing.

6. we will normally supply digital colour images in JPG format saved with maximum quality settings. Black and white images are also supplied in JPG format. We can, however, supply the images in any of a number of other common file formats if you prefer - JPEG 2000, TIFF, BMP and PNG - and you can specify this if you wish on the final order form.

7. we only use quality branded media and by default will use CDs or DVDs with -R format, but we can use +R if you wish - please specify this on the final order form if required

Upgrades to our equipment mean that we have been able to keep our prices competitive and we can offer the following rates:

1. scanning slides and negatives

  scan resolution:     2000 dpi     3000 dpi     4000 dpi  
  price per scan:   £ 0.50 £ 0.55 £ 0.60

2. scanning prints

  scan resolution:     300 dpi     600 dpi  
  price per scan:   £ 0.40 £ 0.50

3. printed copies

  size:     6" x 4"     7" x 5"     A4  
  price per print:     £ 0.55     £ 0.80     £ 3.00  



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