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online payment facility

It's possible to make online payments for your order using Paypal. The process is simple, secure and you don't need a Paypal account. It's free to use - Paypal can process all major credit/debit cards and won't charge you any fee or commission.

You will first need to get a quote for the work that you'd like us to do if you don't already have one. For scanning slides, negatives or prints then navigate to our photo pricing page if you haven't already. If you're wanting to order personalised calendars then head for the calendar pricing page. In both cases the process will generate a total cost for the work that you specify. You should make a note of it in order to complete the payment process.

When you have that information then the rest of the process is painless. Clicking the button below will take you to Paypal's secure site - look for the 'padlock' icon in your browser as confirmation.

The procedure is as follows:-

1. click the button below to take you to Paypal's website
2. enter the amount to be paid in the box on the left of the page
3. click the Update link just underneath
4. if you have a Paypal account then you can log in if you wish; if you'd rather use a credit/debit card then you can choose that option instead

When you have completed the process you should receive an automated response from Paypal. We will also send an acknowledgement of your payment to the email address that you supply.

Thank you for your support of our services!

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