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This website has been running for a good few years but should now be regarded as being of a 'legacy' nature. We're not accepting new orders but we'll keep it going for the time being because:

a) the material may be of interest to somebody
b) it may act as a point of contact
c) I forgot to cancel the domain name registration...

Many thanks to all our previous clients!

converting to digital format:

filmstripWe would suggest that there are a number of compelling reasons for you to consider converting your existing photographs - slides, prints or negatives - into digital format. The most important, in our view, is to preserve them for the future so that you and others will be able to view them without the degradation that will inevitably occur to the traditional film media where they are stored now.

We offer a fast, friendly and efficient service to help you to future-proof your valuable collection of photographs. You can find out about our prices here.

There are a number of options available to you:

1  prints:- perhaps you have old family photo albums or boxes of prints and you'd like to convert them into digital format? read more here...

2  negatives:- if you have the original negatives - b/w or colour - and you'd like to digitise them for future use then read more here...

3  slides:- boxes of transparencies are generally unique in that most people don't take prints from them. If these are your only copies of important events/people/places then you can preserve them for the future. read more here...

4  restoration:- if you have faded or damaged prints then we can scan them and in most cases can enhance colours, tones and so on. We can also re-touch damaged areas to produce an image that does justice to the original. read more here...

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